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Jun 16, 2006 at 05:34 PM

Printing Smartforms/SAPscripts on Zebra printer RX170 xi.



I have created a page size of 2 u00BD X 4 u00BD (H X W) to print a label from SAP and used that from a smart form. When try to print this form SAP I get below error in my SP01.

Can some one help me out to resolve this?

I can see that we can print the same size labels from word, what I need to know is what is that different that I need to do if I want to print something from SAPscripts/Smartforms to Zebra printer RX170 xi.


SAP spool error log


Print request processing log

Character converter active when first problem occurred

Data was saved with character set 1100

Data will be converted to character set 1100 (synt = 1100)

OTF module: Unknown print control should be output

OTF module: Unknown print control should be output

The host spool is reporting errors

Message from host spool:

F:\usr\sap\DR3\DVEBMGS00\data\000001199800001.DR3 is currently being printed

End of message

Command used: print /d:
nmd-prntsrv1\ntr60618 F:\usr\sap\DR3\DVEBMGS00\data\000001199800001.DR3

Errors occurred processing this print request

Error during print request output. l_rc = 1

There may be no printout

Most important attributes of spool request

Request number 11998