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HTTP CORS Header in REST sender channel

Hi All,

I have a REST to Proxy Sync scenario where I wanted to add a parameter in my HTTP response header header of REST sender adapter. I would need to add ( Access-control-allow-origin="*" ) . I tried to check all possible post in SCN with the same issue, but did not find the answer on this.

When refereed to this blog

I see Alexander addressing the similar issue saying this is their backlog but they don’t have any concrete shipment date yet.

Is there a standard adapter module available to achieve this requirement?

Also, I see there is "HTTP header variable" option available in REST Operation, I'm trying to get a REST Adapter documentation which explains each of the available option in REST adapter, but unable to find a good document on it. Most of the blogs and posts only say to use a particular option and doesn't provide much details on it. Could someone please share a REST adapter documentation

Thank you!!

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