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Former Member
Jun 16, 2006 at 12:02 PM

Some questions about Tasks in Collaboration rooms


Hi all!

I've got some questions regarding tasks functionality in Collaboration rooms.

1) Is it possible to somehow show progress of a multi-step task? Example: we've got task wich contains 8 steps (4 actions and 4 approvals). We want progress bar to be automatically updated, when one of the steps is completed. By the way, is it possible at all to display progress bar for multi-step tasks?

2) Is it possible to expand set of 'completion percents'? For example we want to make it '10%,20%,30%,40% etc...'.

3) For some strange reason I'm unable to attach documents to multi-step task once it's created. Just empty window apperars when I'm clicking 'Edit' link.

4) Is it possible to arrange tasks in some order, when on one tab there are only multi-step tasks. On second single tasks, that are part of multi-step task 1, Third - single tasks, that are part of multi-step task 2, etc?

Thanks in advance,