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Mar 01, 2017 at 01:05 PM

Sap apo ppds conversion heuristics


we are not using block planning but custom table for snp to ppds conversion. The logic is that we have defined custom calendar in ppds where we want the snp planned orders to be converted into ppds on defined weeks by accumulating multiple weeks snp orders into 1ppds order. The accumulation is working fine and snp orders are converted to ppds as required but the issue is that in weeks where we have no snp planned order and we are accumulating the orders, the ppds orders are not respecting the defined calendar. Rather it is placing them in weeks where there is next snp order. For example we have 3 snp pl order w1 100 w2 200 w3 300. As per custom logic the ppds order should be accumulating all three and put in w1. This is working fine. But when we have snp pl orders like w1 no order w2 200 w3 300, and ppds calendar suggest ppds order should be on w1. It is not working but placing ppds order not on week 1 but on w2. But we want our ppds orders to follow our custom calendar which is failing. Any help guidance from someone faced similar situation. We are converting using z implementation of sap_snp_sngl.