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Update the different SAP library css for two tab strips

Mar 01, 2017 at 12:51 PM


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I got two tab strips in the app and the formatting is different for both of them.

I have to update the sap library css files to get the desired format.

Issue here is when I update the sap library css file it reflects for both of the tab strips.

Is there any way where I can change the css of one specific tab strip based on id or name of the tab strip.


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2 Answers

Nithyanandam Venu Mar 02, 2017 at 05:18 AM

Hi Kumar,

It is completely possible. Just find your tab strip id by inspecting the element in developer tool and change your CSS according to that.



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Hi Venu,

that's good to know but how do i assign the css based on tap strip id.

for ex i got two tab strips with id

TABSTRIP_1_tf1 and TABSTRIP_2_tf1 and they use the class .sapUiTabStrip,.sapUiTabBar and other tab strip libraries.

I want to have different formatting for two tab strips. How can i write the css class based on id.


Hello Kumar, if I follow Venu correctly, he is suggesting you inspect the CSS code yourself - similar to what is covered in this blog:

Good luck!


Thanks Tammy for the reply. I think what venu is saying is different to custom css. its like updating the library css class for specific component using ID of the component


Hi kumar,

For example you can use something like this

#TABSTRIP_1_tf1 .sapUiTabStrip{



This will only affect the first tabstrip. This is just an example, figure out the proper ID and classes by inspecting. In case you need more help please let me know.



Vidhya V Mar 01, 2017 at 01:28 PM
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Thanks for the response.The solution you provided is not working