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Consolidation in SU Managed storage type


We have requirement to consolidate the stock in SU manged storage type, In the reserve area each Bin is occupied in one batch and one material.When ever there are partial pallets are available for a material batch , we have to consolidate and make it a full pallet.

Addition to existing stock is checked ,when we try o move from one partial pallet Qty to another partial pallet Qty to combine , we are getting the error Mixed storage is not allowed in storage type even though if it is same material batch.

Can any one help me to rectify this issue.



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  • When ever there are partial pallets are available for a material batch , we have to consolidate and make it a full pallet.

    --Which transaction code are you using for consolidation standard or Custom

    Please share the storage type setting and error message number which you are getting during TO creation

  • Former Member Manish Kumar

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks for the reply,

    I am using LT01 and LT10 T code for consolidating, Please find below the settings of the storage type and error message.

    2017-03-02-1654.png 2017-03-02-1653.png

  • Storage type Z06 is SU managed with Addition to existing stock and you have two pallet (SU1 & SU2) sitting in the same storage type which you want to merge. so practically one pallet id (storage unit) number should go off from the system and after movement assume SU1 is getting transfer on SU1 quantity of SU1 should be SU1+SU2

    With standard SAP strategy addition to existing stock that is not possible as for Addition to existing stock you are activate only

    P - One mixed storage unit per bin now in this case the SU exist so first you need to get rid of the SU number by transferring it to Non-SU and then bring it back to SU managed area

    In one of my previous project the solution was customized we moved the SU to 999 and bring it back in the same transaction however the code was custom and for user it was only one button press but in the back end two transfer order get generated one from HRS--->999---HRS we transfer the stock from SU to Non SU(999) and bring back to same destination bin which user selected on Screen

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1 Answer

  • Mar 01, 2017 at 01:16 PM

    Are you trying to consolidate the SU within that Storage Type? You might have to do the consolidation in another storage type and then move the resultant SU into the final location.

    In the include LL03AF1S around line 79 (at least on my system) there is an IF statement

    *........Prüfen Mischbelegung, wenn nur artikelreine Paletten...........
             ( LEIN-ANZQU > 1 AND LTAP-VLENR = LTAP-NLENR ) ).

    I think this is where you will see the failure being raised. That same include has all the other mixed storage checks too, so you could set a break point in there to trace exactly what is happening.

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    • I would suggest a custom RF Confirmation program here... there are a lot steps though they can all be performed in the background without the end-user knowing.

      1. Cancel existing TO.
      2. Move SU# that you are going to keep into a temporary bin in another SU managed storage type which doesn't have these restrictions.
      3. Move the other partial SU onto the first.
      4. Move the consolidated SU back to the original destination bin (L_TO_CREATE_MOVE_SU)