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Jun 15, 2006 at 05:49 PM

LinkToURL Object Examples


Does anyone have any links to help/examples regarding using the LinkToURL Object inside a Table Object?

What I'm trying to do is a Master-Detail kind of thing where I have two IViews: One containing a set of web controls that determine search criteria, and a Table (with which to display the results). One of the columns of this table should be a <u>link</u> that navigates to the second IView whose sole content is a Table that displays details about the record whose <u>link</u> was clicked.

I'm currently looking at ways to do this, and (so far) haven't found any help on these forums.

A. Is this possible?

B. If so, is it possible using the LinkToURL object (as one of the columns in my table)?

C. Will EPCM help me instead or will OBN help me with solving this problem?