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Jun 15, 2006 at 03:10 PM

Infopackage routine !


Hi, guys.

I´m working with "Ud Connect" and trying to build a routine logic in infopackage level to read 3 dates and make a selection :

Date 1 (range = 06/09/2006 to 06/14/2006)

Date 2 (range = 06/09/2006 to 06/12/2006)

Date 3 (range = 06/05/2006 to 06/13/2006)

What i need is to validate each line of the pack with each field (OR clause and not AND).

For example :

If I have one line of the pack with the contents

Date1 = 06/13/2006, Date2 = 06/01/2006 and Date3 = 06/02/2006 the line should be selected (one of these selection are right).

The problem is that the selection only occurs if all the fields are ok.

Any ideas ?

Thanks for the help

Eduardo Silberberg