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Former Member
Mar 01, 2017 at 09:30 AM

PI RFC receiver: delivery attempts setting ignored


Hi experts,

I have an RFC receiver channel (Central Adapter Engine, type "SAP BASIS 7.00) running on a PI 7.3 machine. I call an RFC which, sometimes, throws an error for a certain period of time (because of locked objects), but I can't influence that.

The receiver RFC channel starts 4 attempts every 5 minutes and finally sets the message to a system error state. Because the error is only temporary, my idea was to raise the number of delivery attempts and the time interval, which can be done in the communication channel monitor -> configuration settings. I restarted the channel and the whole PI system.

Now the problem is, these settings are ignored in about a half of all cases. Some messages are using the new settings, some are (as per default) repeated every 5 minutes for max. 4 attempts and are then set to an error state.

Do you have an idea why this can happen? Can I change these settings somewhere else?

Thank you in advance