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Former Member
Jun 14, 2006 at 08:07 PM

MAM 2.5 Functionality Syncronize questions


Hi all, I have a couple questions about synchronizing using MAM2.5.

1. When I synchronize from the PDA, is there anyway to confirm on the PDA WHAT data has been sent to the middleware? Is there a log that I can analyze of what actual data was being sent?

My current workaround is to check the Middleware monitor tool, and then to check the R/3 system that the data got there. That seems to be a lot of places just to check. I'd only like to check in one place, preferably on the PDA.

2. When sending/receiving data I synchronize multiple times. At least 2 - 5 times. Is there way to send and receive all data with only one synchronization? Having to always enter your password multiple times and sync multiple times is very repetitive.

Please advise. Thank you.