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Jun 14, 2006 at 02:56 PM

is page attribute 'table' limited to 12 fields?



i am on WAS 6.20.

in an bsp under rider type-definitions i need to create a type, which consists of more than 12 fields. i found out, that

a) only string types are possible and

b) apparently max. 12 fields are possible

i create an internal table page attribute from that type, which gets filled during runtime and transferred to another page (there it is an auto-attribute). when setting up more than 12 fields, the receiving page won't display - (server not found).

i don't get syntax errors, neither ST22.

is there a way to enhance types here?

or must i perform everything in the one and only starting page? which is a bit unhandy...

i just read another thread, where somebody has a problem with table types - can i create a table type in the dictionary, which contains only char fields, but more than 12...?

thanx, matthias