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Jun 14, 2006 at 11:40 AM

POS data source error


Hello all,

When performing an extractor check in BW data source 0RT_PA_TRAN_TOTALS (in trans. code RSA3) I get an error message:


"Errors occured during the extraction"

When checking the details:

"Update mode "Full Upload" is not supported by the extraction API

Message no. R3011


The application program for the extraction of the data was called using update mode "Full Upload". However, this is not supported by the InfoSource.

System response

The data extraction is terminated.


Check for relevant OSS Notes, or send a problem message of your own."


However, I don't use the "full update". I use the delta...

The delta init and the delta load has worked ok before.

I have now emptied the cubes for the data source, deleted delta queues and tried to load again. From the monitor i get error messages: "method 'when others' cannot be used for this data source"... I can only perform delta init without data transfer...

What can I do about this?

Best regards,