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Customer service 2.3 on iPad crashing


We are using SAP WM 6.4.1 with CS 2.3 on iPad. When we tap on any order in Orders list other than selected order, the application is getting closed on its own. We ran this application on iPads with versions 9+ and 10+. On both versions it is behaving same.

We are using lastest Agentry client which is available in Appstore.

Does anyone facing the similar issue? If yes how this issue has been fixed?



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1 Answer

  • Posted on Mar 03, 2017 at 03:29 PM

    Shyam and team,

    From what we know the latest version in the App store is SMP 3.0 SDK 13 PL07.

    There could be a few theories that we can based this on.

    If it is strictly an application issue you may need to give us a snapshot of the editor if there are any filter rules or update rule that may be firing when you are clicking on the object list.

    Theory 1: There is a theory that either the SQLLite db has an issue when you click on it and this fix was tied to a SQLlite db patch update done on SMP 3.0 SDK SP14. Due to you are just using the one from the Appstore, you may try to reproduce this same issue when downloading the SDK SP14 version (you may need to brand your own iOS client to accomplish this).

    Theory 2: There was a report tied to filtering rule that crashes the client when something gets clicked upon filtering the data. This was reported on older clients but fix for our Windows client on SMP 3.0 SDK SP14 PL02. If this particular fix is a core platform fix, it may also help with your issue. So the suggestion here is to at least try SMP 3.0 SDK SP14 PL02.

    Request: To further the analysis of this we may need to see from the editor if there are any rules that may have been firing that could break this application. Due to you are using both iOS 9 and 10, we also have fixed a lot of items in SMP 3.0 SDK SP14. You may try to download this version of the SDK and brand your iOS client to see if the 2 theories above including the latest fixes we have tied to rules may help your cause.

    Best Regards,

    Mark Pe

    SAP Product Support

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    • Shyam,

      In this case you may try to open an incident to SAP stating a bug against the iOS Agentry client.

      What will be required before handover to development:

      1) Full documentation of what your design/app looks in the editor for your rules, screens and others. - The reasoning for this is the iOS client developer may or may not be a Work Manager developer (Strictly device dev only). You will need to give the name of the screen, rules, action and how to get to it.

      2) Full documentation of your reproduction step, after you enter the device (with logon/password) what buttons do you click to get to the point of failure. Any video or nice pictured document will help here.

      3) An Agentry.db client export (if you can give it). <-- This is mandatory or if you have the iOS build folder on your branded iOS Agentry client that would help too.

      4) Agentry Editor Export (the document of item 1 should explain to the developer how to get to the screen or rules or action or transaction).

      The 3 items above are required before further processing by SAP iOS client team on your issue. So if you do not have it then it may delay the processing of a support incident with SAP.

      Due to it affects both iOS 9 and 10, I would rule this as a client bug and needs to be processed as a bug. Get those 4 items above ready to be processed by SAP Support.

      Best Regards,

      Mark Pe
      SAP Platinum Support Engineer