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Jun 14, 2006 at 10:05 AM

Buseness content Installation



I installed 0SD_C02, infocube, but the related Infoobjects are not apper in Infoarea

Customer Relationship Management ->ERP Analytics->Sales and Distribution Analyses - SAP R/3 SD. These path is correct?. Under this I didn’t find my Infoobject catalog for Char and Key figures. What is the reason. How I installed is…

I went to Buseness content and just drag and drop the cube 0SD_c02 and selected Grouping option “Data flow before” and then installed. The cube is installed with following errors:

Data source 0DBDUNS_IMPORT_ATTR not maintained

Data source 2LIS_01_S005 not maintained

Transfer structure 0CUSTOMER_ATTR_AB PC_FILE

Syntax error in transfer routine for InfoObject 0CUSTOMER

So how can I solve this problem.

I want to see all in a Heirachial formate,

i.e. InfoArea-> Sub Infoarea-> InfoObject catalogs->Infoobjetcs... like that.

selected all source systems.that includes R/3 also.

Why it is giving error?.Once I selected Grouping as a "Dataflow before" then it should install all objects.i.e. Transfer, Update rules.Now I want to see all in Heirarchial formate

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