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Jun 14, 2006 at 10:02 AM

JDBC adpter - Request data from system



I have a scenario that is requesting data via the JDBC adapter from an SQL server system and sending the resultset into BW.

This is polling every 10 minutes with the following statement :

<i>select * from itecs_dummy.dbo.action

where current_timestamp between

convert(datetime, (convert(varchar(13), GETUTCDATE()) + '23:40:00.000')) and

convert(datetime, (convert(varchar(13), GETUTCDATE()) + '23:50:00.000'))</i>

This basically will return zero records 99% of the time as it check the system time is between 23:40 and 23:50

Eventually I will have around 30 JDBC communication channels performing the same frequency of polling but read data from different tables (the system time check will still be the same for each select)

Is this highly inefficent in XI terms ?

Would it not be better to write a simple ABAP to request the data from BW to the JDBC adapter at a fixed time each day therefore cutting out the unnecessary polling ?

Kind regards