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Jun 14, 2006 at 10:01 AM

End User Role for Service Desk in Solution Manager



I am launching the Service Desk functionality for my End Users. One thing that i want to know of is the role that I should assign my user in Solution Manager to access his message. E.g.

I have a user 'A' who creates a message from any system in my landscape:Test, QA, Dev or Production. Now this message reaches in Solution Manager and is assigned to a certain Support Team according to the rules I defined. Now the personnel of Support Team needs some feedback from the end user who created the message. For that the user 'A' has to log into Solution Manager, access his message and enter the details which the Support Team requested.

I want to know that what Role should i give to this user 'A' so that he is able to access ONLY the messages that he created i.e. "Reported by" field showing user 'A'; and is able to view and edit them.

If I give him the role SAP_SUPPDESK_CREATE and SAP_SUPPDESK_DISPLAY, he is just able to see the messages, all of them, but is not authorized to edit any. Please help me out in this matter as i need a solution asap.


Bilal Nazir