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Jun 14, 2006 at 07:59 AM

Posting the reverse: I miss the cancellation ...



I have to generate the reverse posting of the user entries. They post the transfer of human ressources from some partner costcenters to their cost center (debit entries).

I must generate the credit entries to the partner costcenters, so they can see that some ressources are taken by some partners.

I did it successfully, by using an exit function. It uses the MF GETDATA, to catch what the users just typed, and generates the opposite entries in XTH_DATA, crossing the costcenters/partner costcenters.

However, when the users cancel a previous transfer, then the MF does not catch the line that was just supressed from the layout. So I can not post the reverse.

Any other ideas?

I tried using a FOX, but I am not using the same planning level. I will go on digging on that path. But if anyone has an idea, that would be great.