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Feb 28, 2017 at 11:01 PM

Migrate Productive Solution manager 7.1 with ChaRM


Hello Gurus -We are looking to move our Solution manager 7.1 with ChaRM from a Hosted site to In house.

What are the best ways to do it.

1 .Homegenous System copy or MSSQL Db backup restore method. - It will be different IP and hostname for the new system. Can we still keep the same SID ? Since Solman LMDB and other configurations are tied to FQDN, Do we need to perform all the System Preparation, Basic Configuration and Managed Systems configuration in SOlman_setup ? Please note the Satellite Systems for ChaRM (ECC and BW) will be still at the old Hosted Site.

2. Since both the source and Target systems are virtual, can we go for a clone ? what solman postprocessing activities we need to do ?

Please advise.