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Migrate Productive Solution manager 7.1 with ChaRM

Feb 28, 2017 at 11:01 PM


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Hello Gurus -We are looking to move our Solution manager 7.1 with ChaRM from a Hosted site to In house.

What are the best ways to do it.

1 .Homegenous System copy or MSSQL Db backup restore method. - It will be different IP and hostname for the new system. Can we still keep the same SID ? Since Solman LMDB and other configurations are tied to FQDN, Do we need to perform all the System Preparation, Basic Configuration and Managed Systems configuration in SOlman_setup ? Please note the Satellite Systems for ChaRM (ECC and BW) will be still at the old Hosted Site.

2. Since both the source and Target systems are virtual, can we go for a clone ? what solman postprocessing activities we need to do ?

Please advise.



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1 Answer

Tom Cenens
Mar 02, 2017 at 06:56 AM

Hi Lee

Unless you've got the exact same SID and hostname you're going to have a high probability that you have to perform certain setup again.

If you have hardly any change (only IP address changes) you've got less work, you would need to ensure buffering is cleaned (ICM hostname buffer might need to be cleaned) and you would also need to ensure you don't have RFC destinations that run on IP address because those would fail (on hostname could still function given nothing is changed there).

There is a possibility to have SLD / LMDB auto detect the same system that moved to another host, check below SAP note on this:

1727294 - AS Java/ABAP System move functionality

That could in theory prevent some of the rework that needs to be done if you would only change the hostname. In any case it would be a good idea to perform a test migration to check the impact first before doing the actual migration.

The more you change, the more impact you'll create, the more rework and the more issues you'll encounter as well. Keep in mind the other things like instance number, ports that are being used etc becaue changing any of those will also create impact.

The SLD / LMDB is also important, you can read about that in terms of system copy in below SAP note:

1797014 - System copy of a Solution Manager with a filled LMDB

Like I said, best to test and define a decent procedure to get this done correctly before doing the actual migration.

Best regards


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