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Former Member
Jun 13, 2006 at 02:24 PM

Could 0FI_GL_4 and 0FI_AP_4 delta loads can be run at the same time?


We ran a big process chain to conduct the delta load data from R3. The big chain put data loads of 0FITX_O03, 0FI_GL_4, and 0FI_AP_4 in parallel to run. We find the delta loads for the former two are successful, but not the last one 0FI_AP_4. Delta load for 0FI_AP_4 does get the changed data for this delta run, but not the new ones. Then we manually run the delta load for this 0FI_AP_4, then it worked fine and brought in new data. What could be the reason why the delta load in process chain fails to bring in new data for 0FI_AP_4?

0FI_GL_4 and 0FI_AP_4 delta extractions affect/interfere to each other on R3 side to track the new records?