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Fiori Elements List Report - Data binding of List report to a NON ROOT-VIEW entity set


I have a question regarding data binding to the Fiori elements List Report.

I have three CDS views.

  • Sales Order -> This is the root view
  • Business Partner
  • Sales Item

I have navigation defined to and fro between SO <-> BP and SO <-> SI.

I created my Fiori application using the List report template provided in WebIDE. It works fine.

Then I created a second project again using List report template and this time in the ‘Template Customizing’ screen (of the project creation wizard), instead of choosing ‘Sales Order’ entity set I choose ‘Business Partner’ entity set. Please note that Business Partner is not my CDS root view. But I wanted to start the app with BP List report and then navigate to the associated Sales order from there. This time the application ended up in error when I hit the search button on the List report view initial screen.

I get the following error in my browser debugger console.

“Draft 2.0 object CDS_C_ZKU_SALESORDERTP_SADL_XA_X~C_Zku_So_BPTP requires selection condition on IsActiveEntity”,”propertyref”:””,”severity”:”error”,”target”:””

Question: Does this mean List Report only work when data binding is done to the OData Entity Set corresponding to the CDS Root View(Sales Order in my example)?

Thank you!

Best regards,


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