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Unable to create/update Repository(Constant) in SAP IDM 8.0 SP4

Feb 28, 2017 at 06:55 PM


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Hello Everyone,

I am getting following error while trying to create repository from SAP IDM ADMIN UI in SAP IDM 8.0 SP4.

Could not create Repository

Before creating new Repository, I already verified that there was no any repository in my system.

However when I hit the Cancel button to exit and hit the Go button to check all the repository, and I found my new repository.

Happily as well as surprisingly, I proceed to update the repository constant and my bad luck!!! I got another error - Could not update repository constants.

After this I checked on DB level too and found that the New Repository has been created but no repository constant has been updated. After further investigation, I observed that, the above error generates only when i try to update the Authentication user's Password in the Repository constant. While rest repository constant get updated successfully. It seems it is unable to hash/store the password.

My dispatcher is running and even keys.ini file is present in Key folder in Identity Center directory path.

Any suggestion would be appreciable.


C Kumar

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2 Answers

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C Kumar Mar 01, 2017 at 06:54 PM

Thanks Steffi!

I rechecked and found that my Keys.ini path was not correctly updated in the JAVA system parties in NWA.

After updating the correct value. the error has been fixed.

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Hi Kumar,

I am having same issue, can you tell me more detail how you fixed this issue?

How do you update in NWA? Thank you.



Steffi Warnecke
Mar 01, 2017 at 01:47 PM

Hello Kumar,

is the keys.ini file also uploaded and linked in the AS Java NWA? This is important in 7.2, but I'd guess that since the merging between IDM and Java became even closer in 8.0, this should be a step in the newer version, too.



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