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Jun 13, 2006 at 12:55 PM

I cannot start the upgrade assitant gui


I am referring to the upgrade guide "SAP NetWeaver 2004s

Business Intelligence ABAP for IBM DB2 Universal Database for iSeries SR1 and I cannot start the upgrade assitant gui.

According to the documentation on page 65 it says to start from a browser type http://<hostname>:4239. When I do this I see the file system with parent directory and /usr/sap/<putDIR> files and nothing else.

I looked at the UaHelp.html and this conflicts with the information in the upgrade documentation and says "It is also possible to view the contents of the upgrade directory with the following URL:


It also says that "The UaGui can now be started in a browser with the following URL:


but when I check there is no UaGui.html but there is a Uagui.jnlp.

When I first started the Uaserver I got the following

UaServer> Stable storage file '/usr/sap/putbwd/ua/UaState' read

UaServer> Temporary directory is '/usr/sap/putbwd/ua'

UaServer> Property file '/usr/sap/putbwd/ua/' read

UaServer> Property file '/usr/sap/putbwd/ua/'


UaServer> Configuring HTTP server

UaServer> Using HTTP index file name: index.html

UaServer> Signing JAR file uagui.jar

UaServer> Creating JNLP file uagui.jnlp

UaServer> Starting HTTP server

UaServer> HTTP server started

UaServer> Ready

In the UaHelp.html a similar script (see below) and has additional lines that I do not see and a UaGui.html file is created and not a uagui.jnlp as in my case.

UaServer> Waiting for UaGuis to connect at port 4241

UaServer> UaGui applet tag file '/usr/sap/put/ua/UaGui.html' created

UaServer> Http server '' started

UaServer> Switching to log file '/usr/sap/put/ua/UaServer.log'

Any assitance on this would be much appreciated.

Many thanks