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Feb 28, 2017 at 06:34 PM

Neet to understand "Department" Fundation Objects Successfactors


I haven org chart of the company that has 7 chief directors (IT/HD/Finance…) and 3 presidents of operations reporting to CEO

I defined them as divisions (each of the 10 teams)
then each of this teams has either Directors or VPs with their own teams, I created a department for each of the VPs.

Then I require some of this departments to have sub departments (country level teams) and this split into City Level teams.

So by this definition I have a small hierarchy of departments under each divisions.

I believe all I need is to define on the departments association a parent/child relationship.

my questions are:

-1-Will this let me have 3 levels deep departments?

-2-When I assign the department to a position, do I need to associate only the “leaf” where they are located?

-3-A department like Finance Office has the Director of finance as a leader, and Directors of accounting, taxes, planning, payroll etc…., each in turn has a department with some people assigned to them. I want to assign Director of finance as leader, and each director as member of Finance Office. Then on each sub department only assign the people there, plus define as leader the director listed above. My doubts are.
–3.1–If I list the first department I want to see the Director of finance wth all directors

–3.2–If I list the sub-departments I want to see the members and a mention of the leader (who happens to be at the upper dept

–3.3–Can two departments have the same leader “Planning and Treasury Director” manages 2 departments, “Planning”, “Treasury”