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Jun 12, 2006 at 08:16 PM

Displaying field values in a pattern!


Hello all,

In the text element in a smartform I am displaying two fields spaced with tabs. Based on the length of the first field value, the second field value is moving forward or backward.

First field values are getting aligned properly, but the second field values are not aligned properly. They are messed up a bit.

For example.

<u>Material</u> <u>Price</u>

fert1 100

hdswuiow 78

yhfsdkhf hfhfsdhfs 200

This is how the pattern is getting disturbed based on the length of field1, in this case material. I want the values of field2 (price) to be in a proper one under other starting at a same position. How should I do that in text elements.

It can be solved by creating separate page for material and other for price...but I dont want to create separate page windows. Is there an alternate solution for this?


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