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Former Member
Jun 12, 2006 at 01:37 PM

Differnce in system date & date in Marketing planner


There seems to be difference in the Dates which is stored in the system & the dates which user see in the screen. There is differnce of 1 hour in hour system.

(We found this only in Marketin Planner - for example - Campaign Plan Star/End dates)

This has nothing to do with User Time zone (as far as we could see). If the User Time zone is differnt, then at get added to this difference.

Eg: 05-Jun-06 00:00:00 in User screen will actually be 04-June-06 11:00:00 System time (in CRM).

The system Time & User time zone is GMTUK.

If I change teh User Time to CET, then the differnce become 2 hours (but actual differnce of GMTUK & CET is only 1 hour).

ANy one ever come across this ?