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Former Member
Jun 12, 2006 at 09:19 AM

inconsistency between EKBE and MSEG


Hello all,

I have come across an inconsistency (I believe) btw 2 sap tables that is causing an issue for a program that we are in the middle of developing.

The problem is that the field "Fiscal Year" (GJAHR) means different things in 2 tables. In MSEG (material document segment) it means Fiscal year (data element = GJAHR), however in EKBE (PO History) it means document year (data element = MJAHR). we are trying to do a join btw EKBE and MSEG using GJAHR but as it "means" 2 different things in the tables we get a problem.

My question is...has any one seen this before and if so how did they resolve it. I have tried to search for OSS notes but nothing relevant comes up. Don't want to log a call with SAP at this stage.