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Feb 28, 2017 at 01:04 PM

Define cost object during Valuated GR with multiple acc. assignment

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Dear all,

I have a client request (definitely not covered with standard SAP) to be able to define the cost object during valuated GR's for partial deliveries.

The case is the following. PO with multiple account assignment were Cost is distributed among various CC's or WBS's. The client wants during GR to define for which cost center/ WBS he is receiving the goods and not the system to split them according to proportion based on the account assignment of the PO.

For ex. PO for 10EA split to 7EA in CC X and 3EA in CC Y. During partial GR of 2EA system posts accounting document in both cost centers splitting by 70% of the cost on CC X and 30% on Y.

Can you please think of a way the user to define for which CC he is performing the GR (exits, custom tab etc).

Best Regards