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Former Member
Jun 12, 2006 at 08:59 AM

Missing assignment possibility for authorization object <-> InfoProvider


Dear all,

I have been working with BW authorizations for quite some time. Last week a colleague of mine created an authorization object using RSSM for an authorization relevant characteristic. This characteristic was included in quite some cubes. But oddly none of them appeared in the list provided by RSSM -> Authorization Object -> Check for InfoCubes. So we were unable to activate the authorization object for our InfoProviders, which definitely contained the InfoObject.

I double-checked the settings of the authorization object, every single cube and the characteristic of course but everything looked as intended.

The final solution was to delete the authorization object and create it anew. It was although possible to get a single cube into the list if you recreated it. So the whole thing is no pressing issue (deleting and recreating an auth. object is easy enough) but I am still very interested in how such a problem could happen.

Thus far I could only think of a table lock of RSSTOBJDIR while the authorization object had been created. But there are no fitting error logs neither in st22 nor sm21 for the relevant time period. Sadly I am unable to reproduce the problem and run some further analysis.

I would be eager to hear if anybody else had the same problem or could give me a proper explanation why something like this could happen.

Thank you and best regards