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Jun 12, 2006 at 08:34 AM

problem with getting customer exit variable values in BEX.


Scenario: I have a report with 32 keyfigures and the title of each should be a particular month. Typically it is 15 months before and 15 months after the current month. If hardcoded, I have to manually change the months every month as the current month changes.

Hence I have gone for a customer exit varialble.

Approach: In my EXIT_SAPLRRS0_001 I have written the code and in E_T_RANGE I am getting all the required values in the E_T_RANGE-LOW column. I do not require intervals in this particular case.

Problem: I tried all possible approaches of getting these values in the BEX report but they don't work. I am referring to the file "HowToDeriveVariableValue.pdf". In the file I do not understand how things work according to the screenshots shown by them on page 5 and 6. They show a new structure in the column area where they put a "new selection" for the text variable. But the text variable already has a selection "Key figure name" it can have either the ocalmonth variable (customer exit variable under 0calmonth) or the key figure. I tried n number of ways to put them together but either my customer exit value gets pulled out or the key figure value gets pulled out but not both.

Please shed some light on how I can proceed from here.

Thanks and regards,