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VizFrame error: 50053 Incomplete dimensiosn binding error

Feb 28, 2017 at 11:54 AM


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I want to connect my OData service (HANA) with my line chart but I'm get the error message above. This is my XML chart file and as you can see, my measure definition and feed item has the same name/value (I have read the other threads). The OData source is set globaly for the hole app, so I don't neet to set it in the controller (or is that the fault?)... When I tentatively create a list item, all data is displayed to me, so the source seems to work correctly.

Can anybody help? Thanks!

<viz:VizFrame id="vizFrame" vizType="line">
    < data="{/test}">
        < name="ID" value="{ID}"/>
      < name="WERT" value="{WERT}"/>
    <viz.feed:FeedItem id="dateFeedAxis" uid="dateFeed" values="ID" type="Dimension"/>
    <viz.feed:FeedItem id="valuesFeedAxis" uid="valuesFeed" values="WERT" type="Measure"/>
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Srikanth KV Feb 28, 2017 at 05:09 PM

Can you change the feeds and set uid values like below.

uid="categoryAxis" for X-Axis

uid="valueAxis" for Y-Axis

<viz.feeds:FeedItem uid="categoryAxis" type="Dimension" values="ID"/>
<viz.feeds:FeedItem uid="valueAxis" type="Measure" values="WERT"/>
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Well.. thanks. That's it. Can you explain why? :)

Edit: I found the documentation. Who can read is clearly in the advantage...


As far as I know all the charts(VizFrame) are created as a wrapper around d3.js

Documentation doesn't explain all the properties clearly for charts, may be some experts in this forum can help by writing a blog :-)

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Thanks for the answer this really helped me and saved so much time.