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Jun 09, 2006 at 08:13 PM

Performance problems processing big volumes using ABAP-proxy framework



We have a custom application ABAP program running on a ECC50 ( WAS640 ) box - that reads change pointer information based on a Z* msg type and generates proxy messages - sending them to XI. Now in every run, this ABAP program pushes out 5000 to 10,000 messages ( one /customer change ) to XI using a proxy framework.

I find that the Z* abap takes very little time to read the change pointer information and generate the outbound messages out of the ECC50 box. The messages are queued in the ECC50 integration engine layer for a long time before they go out to XI. We even got a <b>HTTP_RESP_STATUS_CODE_NOT_OK</b> error for one of the outgoing messages since there is a long list of messages trying to go out to XI.

1) Is the above error because of the timeout in the http connection between ECC50 and the XI box - where do we increase the timeout settings for this ?

2)What are the tuning parameters that need to be set in such a scenario on the integration engine ( ECC50 ) and the XI box ( Integration server ).

We are using QOS as EO when the messages are sent out.

I set EO_INBOUND_PARALLEL and EO_OUTBOUND_PARALLEL tuning params in both of the boxes to 10 . Are these parameters enough - is there something else to be set to improve the performance ?( we have atleast two CPUs each on the WAS boxes ).

Please share your experiences / thoughts on handling such a high volume situation.