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Former Member
Jun 09, 2006 at 10:42 AM

errors when calling SAPProxy RFC


Hello *,

I've got a problem with a small programm i wrote in C#

I implemented it like the SAPPropxyImpl.

A Host Program which registers itself as an Windows Service

Then it starts some ProxyImpl-Processes which are wating for calls from SAP e.g 3 processes.

If SAP calls 3 times all will be fine, my processes are acting well and logging is also OK.

But if the next calls are coming in short time after the 3rd my ProxyImpl logg nothing - maybe the call hasn't reached - and the Server returns immediatly an empty result to SAP which results in an undefined SAP error for the next 2 calls.

If I raise the ProxyImpl count from 3 to 10, 10 calls will be good and the next 2 will fail.

Can anybody help me ?