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Jun 09, 2006 at 08:28 AM

Are UDO and B1i incompatible?


Hi all,

I think that yes, not because until SBO 2006 DI API don't support UDO, because if your SBO company use UDO the SBO_SP_TransactionNotification stored procedure fail.

This procedure compare @object_type whit integer constants, but this variable is nvarchar and procedure crash, and not publish the event, if you need create an scenario to migrate this UDO to other system you can't use B1i, many objects of R3 are not in SBO.

If you try to put any constant string, for example to declare your owns scenario for SBO to SBO, in order to distinguish your developmet EventSender crahs and throw an exception (Value can not be converted to requested type.) because can't convert a string object type to int.

I don't understand why the stored procedure and EventSender use objecttype as integer.

Best Regards.