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Jun 09, 2006 at 03:37 AM

How can I change userid and loginid for LDAP as userdatabase in SAP EP ?


Hi all.

I have this situation.

one Windows Active Directory server.

one SAP EP server.

I needs to configure SAP EP server userinfo database point to Windows AD server.

In my Windows Active Directory, user attribute includes windowsuserid, physicaldeliveryofficename and others.

I needs to configure physicaldeliveryofficename as userid in SAP EP, but I needs user use windowsuserid as loginid to login in EP ( not physicaldeliveryofficename ) .

Is it possible ?

Now I can configure officename as userid and loginid in SAP EP, by change attributeMapping



<principal type="account">


<nameSpace name="">


<attribute name="j_user">

<physicalAttribute name="physicaldeliveryofficename"/>


<attribute name="logonalias">

<physicalAttribute name="samaccountname"/>


<attribute name="j_password">

<physicalAttribute name="unicodepwd"/>


<attribute name="userid">

<physicalAttribute name="null"/>





But in this way, user must enter their physicaldeliveryofficename as loginid.

I needs user to input their windows AD loginuserid to login in EP, is it possible ?

Thanks a lot