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Jun 08, 2006 at 09:57 PM




I have an application with 2views. User comes and inputs field in View1, is taken to View2 where user has an EVS field connected to SAP backend where he selects a value and Submits the data. On submitting the data the user is taken back to the first screen. Users tend to go through these screens a couple of times inputting data.

My issue is EVS fields in view2 get data from a table which is updated. When the user comes to View2 after visitng View2 earlier and the Table that the EVS field is getting data from is updated , the new data in the table is not added to the EVS dropdown.

My code which generates the EVS dropdown is present in View2 wdDoInit(), I do know wdDoInit() function is not executed if the page has already been visited.

Has anyone faced a similar issue and how would I go about resolving the problem.

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