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Jun 08, 2006 at 06:48 PM

Split mapping created no messages


Dear All,

I have been trying to implement the solution outlined in the following weblog about multi-mapping without BPM.


I have followed the steps, but keep on getting the error “<u>Split mapping created no messages</u>” in SXMB_MONI. I came across the following threads which discussed the same subject, but none of them offer a solution

Multi Mapping 1 to n. SP15

Message Split without BPM - Error

Following is a summary of what I have been doing:

1- Create datatype, message type and message interfaces

2- create message mapping and interface mapping with special attention to the occurrences of the target messages

3- Test the multi-mapping in IR. <i><u><b>The solution works when I test it in IR</b></u></i>.

4- Create communication channel (file to file using the same business service as well as using different business services for sender and receiver)

5- Create the following

a. Sender agreement: |sender| outbound Interface | |

b. interface determination: |sender | outbound Interface | | receiver

Here I have used the “Enhanced” Option

c. receiver determination: |sender| outbound Interface | |

Type of Receiver Determination: Standard

d. receiver agreement:

| sender | | receiver | inbound interface 1

| sender | | receiver | inbound interface 2