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Jun 08, 2006 at 06:34 PM

How to implement a General Ledger in Dynpro


Has anyone tried to implement a general ledger in Dynpro using a table?

In a general ledger, you want the time dimension going across the top in separate columns, and tracked items going down the left hand side.

The trouble is, the Dynpro table only binds context elements to a column rather than having the option of binding to a row. I can see why this is, but it is still makes life difficult for me.

Like the table, my data is coming in on a column by column basis with the first column being the date, followed by all the stock ledger items pertaining to that date.

I want to display a full fiscal year on one page so this means having twelve columns for each of the fiscal months, and one column for the line item names (units sold, inventory, value of sales ... etc)

One idea for implementing this was to create a generic structure containing twelve attributes. Each attribute would contain the values associated with a particular fiscal month. I would then create a node in my view context based on this structure and bind each column in my table to the corresponding fiscal month attribute in this structure.

Upon loading the stock ledger data, I would create a series of node instances for each one of my stock ledger items and copy the data into the appropriate attribute.

This procedure seems REALLLY complex and I am hoping there is someone out there who may have a simpler solution.

Any suggestions?