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Feb 28, 2017 at 08:16 AM

UI5 CRUD example using XLM as View

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First question. Is there a good example of CRUD functionality using XML views. Everything I seem to look at is as a JavaScript view, and yes, I should be able to convert that, but, there are subtle differences, and it's these that take up all your time in debugging and finding out why a certain function is not working.

Secondly, All the examples of CRUD functionality that I have both seen and read in books are an example of a single table within a view, and I wondered if anyone had implemented CRUD functionality for multiple tables/bindings in ONE view (XML). That's my task, and I would like to if I'm likely to encounter technical issues. Best forewarned I guess.

Third question, and probably easiest to answer. I have a bound table (Grid) permanently in edit mode. However, the TAB key does not navigate from the first field to the next field across the row. Does anyone know what this could be as I have not encountered this before. I have to click with the mouse to the next field.