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Jun 08, 2006 at 09:49 AM

Manual input of variables



Situation: I have two queries and in both queries I use for a characteristic (based on the same info object) the same variable of type "characteristic value variable" with processing type "manual input/proposal".

Then I use both queries as data providers of two analysis items in a web template.

When I execute the web template, I get the variable popup with two lines for the same variable.

Question: Is there a possibility to tell the system, that these variables are actually the same variable?

Example would be the fiscal year variant, which might occur in many different queries as variable and all of these queries could serve as data providers within one web template. In the present situation I would have to fill in the same value for the fiscal year variant as many times as queries with this variable are used as data providers in the web template.

Thank you + Regards,