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Feb 28, 2017 at 03:56 AM

Window AD SSO issuw with Window 2008-BO 4.2 version


Hi Gurus,

I have been trying to set up BO server on Window 2008 OS.

As part of that, while I was configuring Win AD SSO, facing the below error.

BO 4.2 SP3

metadata SQL 2008

OS : Window 2008

2017-02-27 22:43:39 Commons Daemon procrun stdout initialized
An error occurred while initializing KerberosFilter. Could not load keytab: idm.keytab=C:\WINNT\bosso.keytab [caused by: idm.keytab=C:\WINNT\bosso.keytab (The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect)]

I have tested KINIT test, success.

Using AD domain account with password, works fine.

I have also added password(service account) to Java parameters, but still say above error.

Is there any way that I can validate KEYTAB which I have generated. I have also set up environment variables.

All setspn commands looked good. service account rights also granted as per the recommended.

Please advise if I am missing anything. Thank you.