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EBS Search Strings - How it works

Feb 28, 2017 at 01:45 AM


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Hello All, I need some help for EBS search strings. I need to understand how the EBS search string with example.

1. Does it work for BAI2 Format. As for us we there is BAI2 format

2. In my client side the scenario is as follows

Acc entry is posted through IDOC

Cr. Cash Clearing 100 (Dep ref 1)

Dr. Store customer 100

Once EBS files are received with the help of search strings the above entry is identified and acc doc is generated

Dr Main Bank 100

Cr Cash Clearing 100 (Dep ref 1)

Here “Dep ref 1” is the unique identifier which helps to identify the deposits and search string is used here

I want know understand how does search string works, and where is “dep ref 1” configured while defining search string.



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1 Answer

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Former Member Feb 28, 2017 at 02:47 PM

We have couple of excellent blogs on search string which ranges from simplicity to complexity of behavior of Search String. I would suggest to refer those blogs to get the above answer -

Search Strings works on "Note to Payee" that is made available in the bank statement.

Jaymin B.

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Sorry to start the tread once again I am just unable to relate the things at my side.

1. In table EDPAR the customer ABC is entered with Ext Partner 1234

2. In the clearing doc I for the customer ABC I can see 1234+doc date for the customer doc. Eg - clearing doc & cleared doc in ref field I can see 1234+doc date.

3. Config - In config for this when I go to search string I can find 1234 and I unable to relate this search string use etc...Actually I am looking where is this defined 1234+doc date

4. As in the search string def - when I go to 1234 I can see this is entered in source and target column blank while everything looks blank.

Can you please tell me know to know the exact config how system doing this?

Thanks in advance ...

Former Member
Sachin Thombre

I would suggest to back trace the complete EBS configuration with regards to the bank receipt.

a) Check the Interpretation Algorithm that is tagged to the external trans. type - it could be "020 or 021" (Doc./Ref. Doc. Search) - It allows the identification of doc. number from the notes to payee for clearing

b) Check the external trans. type assignment with search string configuration - Which Search String is tagged to the House Bank/Account ID/Ext. Type - It might be the one which you are looking isn't the correct one (not sure)

c) Pick one of the note to payee of one item from bank statement having 1234+doc. date - and simulate the same in the search string configuration screen. It shall tell the behavior.

d) An advance step - check FM - BSPS_Pattern_Search - SE37 -

Hope it helps. Thanks.

Jaymin B.


thanks I will follow the steps.