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Jun 07, 2006 at 07:14 PM

how to start printing data from a new page in smartforms!


Hello Smartform experts,

Smartforms are killing me :-((

Here I am having an issue with smartforms. I am displaying some data in the main window of page1. After all the data is displayed, then I have to display another set of data in the main window which should start printing on a new page.

Then there is another page which has terms and conditions. This is a seperate page independent of the above two. This page will trigger once all the above information is displayed completley.

Currently I am have two pages in my smartform. First page is for displaying the data and second page is for printing the terms and conditions.

Now here is the problem. After one set of information is displayed in main window of page1, I need to print another set of information on the same main window but starting from a new page. How can I do that.

Hope the question is clear.

I forgot to mention you here that I am already using a COMMAND in the main window of page1 which triggers terms and conditions page after page1. I think I have to create another page for this requirement...but how to trigger this page.


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Message was edited by: Naren Somen