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Using crosstab as filter to show measure

Feb 27, 2017 at 10:19 PM


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Hello, I am using DS and using a HANA view to create my dashboard.

I want to use a crosstab as filter to show the results in a text box. Everything is working but when i click outside the cell in the crosstab, brings all the information, it's ok but the result is not ok.

The data source I used has stores and warehouses and i have a filter only for warehouses but it brings me everything.

This is my dashboard:

When i select one warehouse is working:

But when I click outside the warehouse description the results is diferent that the first one:

It should be 130 instead of 131

I am using this script in the crosstab to create the filters (the text box used to be invisible at the beginning, are visible only to show the diferences):

I have 2 datasources:

One for the cross tab and other for the text components, both of them are filter by the warehouses

Is something missing in the script and that's why i see the sum of warehouses and stores together?

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Hi Alejandra,

Can you provide a screenshot of the Property Sheet of your Crosstab showing all the details? Also, when you say "when I click outside the warehouse description", what do you mean exactly? Are you clicking another column in the same row or are you clicking outside the Crosstab altogether?

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Mustafa Bensan

When i click in other column, i put single in selection type, so when i click in other column (Saldo/Saldo vencido)

7.png (21.9 kB)
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Mustafa Bensan Feb 27, 2017 at 11:55 PM

Hi Alejandra,

This is an unfortunate limitation of the Crosstab selection functionality at the moment. When you click another column, such as a key figure column, getSelectedMember() returns "(ALL_MEMBERS)". This is why your result shows a total.

The issue has been raised before on the SCN but I couldn't find the relevant post. One suggested workaround was to place a panel component over the measure columns to prevent triggering of the Crosstab "On Select" event. This way, the user can only select the dimension column.

Perhaps others can provide a more sophisticated workaround that doesn't require the overlay panel.



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Thanks Mustafa!