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Jun 07, 2006 at 02:12 PM

Performance problems with File Adapter and XI freeze


Hi NetWeaver XI geeks,

We are deploying a XI based product and encounter some huge performance problems. Here after the scenario and the issues:

- NetWeaver XI 2004

- SAP 4.6c

- Outbound Channel

- No mapping used and only the iDocs Adapter is involved in the pipeline processing

- File Adapter

- message file size < 2Ko

We have zeroed down the problem to Idoc adapter’s performance.

We are using a file channel and every 15 seconds a file in a valid Idoc format is placed in a folder, Idoc adapter picks up the file from this folder and sends it to the SAP R/3 instance.

For few minutes (approx 5 mins) it works (the CPU usage is less then 20% even if processing time seems huge : <b>5sec/msg</b>) but after this time the application gets blocked and the CPU gets overloaded at 100% (2 processes disp_worker.exe at 50% each).

If we inject several files in the source folder at the same time or if we decrease the time gap (from 15 seconds to 10 seconds) between creation of 2 Idoc files , the process blocks after posting 2-3 docs to SAP R/3.

Could you point us some reasons that could provoke that behavior?

Basically looking for some help in improving performance of the Idoc adapter.

Thanks in advance for your help and regards,