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Feb 27, 2017 at 08:13 PM

VPRS local/document currency conversion

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Hi Experts,

Before posting this I have done lots of searching / looking for relevant threats/ SAP notes but still not be able to get an answer..

I am facing an issue with condition type VPRS foreign currency conversion.

My Canadian client is selling products to Chinese customers, the sales order is created in US dollars as the customer will pay in USD (customer master record is also maintained in USD currency).

Due to FX rate is maintained daily for USD/CAD, there are exchange rate differences occur during the time between sales order and billing.

We set up VPRS to automatically determine the material costs (category G), price is taken from standard price (e.g.100 CAD) from material master data:

Sales order QTY = 10

VPRS unit price is converted from CAD to USD (using USD/CAD = 1.32 pricing date 20/02/2017)

100CAD/1.32= 83.33 USD

VPRS - 83.33 USD * 10 qty = 833.3 USD

100 CAD * 10 qty = 1000 CAD

After billing(delivery related), in COPA, I can see for some reasons the cost of goods is converted back from document currency to local currency (in my case USD->CAD) using the VPRS value in sales order.

(new FX rate USD/CAD =1.28)

833.3 USD/1.28= 651.01 CAD.

As the standard cost of material is always valuated in local currency(CAD), this creates a discrepancy in COGS between sales order and billing.

As explained in notes 185225 and 547570

..If the condition control (KSTEU) is set to 'H', the cost was taken from the goods issue. If it set to 'A', it was redetermined from the valuation segment of the material master..

So in VPRS, condition control 'A', should the price be determined by material standard price $100 and multiplying by 10qty and convert to document currency USD?

why during billing, it converts document currency to local currency using the VRPS value in sales order? Is there anything set up wrong for my VPRS and copy control?

Any input will be much appreciated.

My configuration details for VPRS,

Sales order item - condition type VPRS details:

Billing item - condition type VPRS details:

VPRS condition type details:

Copy control:


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