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Jun 06, 2006 at 05:32 PM

cannot register WAS Java in SLD with SLD-Data-Supplier



I have installed the SAP NetWeaver 04s SP7 Full Java Edition.

My local sld can be accessed by localhost:50100/sld. So the sld-server runs.


I want to set up the SLD Data Supplier of my j2ee-engine in the Visual Administrator. In HTTP-Settings I entered the Host (localhost), Port (50100), User (Administrator), ...

When I trigger to send the data to the sld nothing happens and when I go to the sld (localhost:50100/sld) and look in the technical systems, I see that nothing is registered.

But there are two WAS Java registered with Host "p137389" and "pwdf3102" that do not exists.

What did not help:

Somebody told me that I have to tell SLD that it runs on Host "localhost" by means of "SAP Netweaver Administrator".

In "Deploy and Change" I selected the "NWA"-scenario and choose "Configure and Deploy SLD". When I execute the template the SLD-Host "pwdf3102" is given. When I try to change it and press "install" nothing happens. Executing the template again shows SLD-Host "pwdf3102" again. I also tried these steps after stoping the SLD-Server with the same result.

Any idea what goes wrong?

Thank you very much in advance. You can really help me.


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