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Jun 06, 2006 at 11:51 AM

PHP has encountered an Access Violation - W2K Server/PHP 5.1.1/SAPRFC 1.4.1


Hi Everybody,

we are running a business critical PHP application. Currently it runs on a W2K Server with PHP Version 4.2.3 and SAPRFC 1.2.1. We had to switch to a new hardware and want also to use a actual version of PHP / SAPRFC. So we installed PHP 5.1.1 and SAPRFC 1.4.1.

When I call a special RFC enabled Function Module I can reproduce to create the error Message "PHP has encountered an Access Violation". We had this problem on the old server also but only once in a month. On the new system we got the error reproducable after this special function module.

In the server logs I've found this message:

The HTTP server encountered an unhandled exception while processing the ISAPI Application '
wam!WAM_REQ_CORE::GetSz(unsigned long)const  + 0x51
php5isapi!HttpExtensionProc + 0x6B3
wam!DllCanUnloadNow + 0x636
wam!DllCanUnloadNow + 0x20C
w3svc!HTTP_HEADERS::FindValue(char const *,unsigned long *) + 0xE2
w3svc!STR::Copy(char const *,unsigned long) + 0xC71
w3svc!STR::Copy(char const *,unsigned long) + 0xB49
w3svc!STR::Copy(char const *,unsigned long) + 0x9A2
w3svc!CLIENT_CONN::OnSessionStartup(int *,void *,unsigned long,int) + 0x642
w3svc!HTTP_HEADERS::Reset(void) + 0x1CA
w3svc!STR::Copy(char const *,unsigned long) + 0x16EF
ISATQ!CDirMonitor::RemoveEntry(class CDirMonitorEntry *) + 0x13A
 + 0xECA5F1B3

I've already tried setting" target="_blank">">setting b from HTTP" target="_blank">">HTTP server encountered unhandled exception while processing ISAPI Application.

Any suggestions?