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Fiori App Cash Flow - Detailed Analysis – Liquidity Item assignment for document chain

Feb 27, 2017 at 03:20 PM


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Hi Experts!

I am working on configuration of the New SAP Cash Management (SAP S/4HANA 1610).

I am new with the Fiori applications and I am new with the Cash Management reports.

If I correctly understood the App Cash flow – Detailed Analysis is the new report that is used instead of Actual Cash Flow Report (Transaction: FLQREP).

So, with the new Fiori App Cash flow – Detailed Analysis I should see the Bank Position (In-flows and Out-Flows) from de previous 90 days and for example the line item analysis drilldown to original transactions (Customer or Vendor Invoices).

I understood that the drilldown is done through the Liquidity Item assignment, so the customizing that I have done is:

1.- Edit Liquidity Items (FLQC1); It was created a Liquidity Item which will be derive the document chain assignment. For example: Customers.

2.- Define Liquidity Item Hierarchies (In the Web page - Liquidity Item Hierarchy List; New Liquidity Item ¨Customers¨ is assigned in Hierarchy as a sub-node of the Liquidity Item of Real Bank Account Incoming/Outcoming payments.

3.- Define Queries for Liquidity Item Derivation (FLQQA1); A query have been created for Origin ¨C¨ with conditions of customer G/L account and Account type for the derivation of customer clearing document.

4.- Define Query Sequences (FLQC15);Query sequence creation for Origin ¨C - From Clearing Information¨

5.- Assign Queries to Query Sequences (FLQQA5)

6.- Define Liquidity Item Derivation Settings for Company Codes

7.- Settings for FI Mechanisms (FLQC13)

8.- Build Cash Flows from FI & MM (FCLM_FLOW_BUILDER); It was executed in order to update liquidity item in FQM_FLOW table, but it doesn't update anything.

In transactions ¨FLQC4 - Define Additional Actual Accounts¨ and ¨FLQC7 - Define Query-Relevant G/L Accounts¨ it has not been defined anything.

With this customizing steps should be enough to derive the documents from the Real Bank Account to the cleared line item?

The issue is that I am executing the App Cash flow – Detailed Analysis and the only displayed data is at the liquidity Item ¨BNK_1000_0000¨ of the Real Bank Account item.

It is not deriving or drilldown or grouping to ¨CUSTOMERS¨ liquidity item (assigned in the query for documents origin ¨C¨) for the customer invoices that are cleared.

If I analyze chain assignment of a document, it is correct but I understand that transaction ¨FLQC14¨ is only for analysis, is not updating any line item with the new liquidity item derivation:

FLQC14 - FI Assignment Analysis

Document 100000474 is a Bank statement posting:

Item Posting Key G/L Acct Description Amount Currency Clearing Document

1 40 572001 Real Bank Account 99,65 EUR

2 50 572201 Transitory Bank Acct 99,65- EUR 100000475

My doubt is if I am missing any steps, because by reading in the notes or forums I looked that in previous SAP versions, to update the Liquidity item assignment and display the chain documents in report ¨FLQREP¨ it were executed the transactions:

  • Classic Cash and Liquidity Management it was used the transaction ¨FLQAD¨
  • Then in the SAP HANA version 1511 this transaction ¨FLQAD¨ is obsolete and the new transaction was ¨FLQAF¨

For SAP Cash Management, delivered with SAP S/4HANA 1610 both transactions are obsolete, so I would like to know:

What new transaction have been created for this step for SAP HANA 1610?

If the procedure for document chain liquidity item derivation is different for SAP HANA 1610, which is the correct procedure?

Am I missing a customizing step?

I hope that it's clear my explanation, thanks in advance for your help!

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7 Answers

Lawrence Liang
Mar 01, 2017 at 09:23 AM

Hello, Alejandra:

Some quick feedbacks for your reference:

1. You are right for most of configurations, while in new cash management, the setup is relevantly simplified, you define liquidity item derivation rules, and flow builder (FCLM_FLOW_BUILDER) will analyze the document chain to find right liquidity item.

2. The major changes are: a) liquidity item is derived along with document postings for every each line item, you can find liquidity item in BSEG b) flow builder then analyze the document chain and pick the expected liquidity item, for example, from invoice in your example.

are you talking about the existing documents? if yes, please firstly rebuild liquidity item for legacy documents,then execute flow builder to check the result.

Hope it helps.

BR, Lawrence

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Alejandra Guerrero Mar 02, 2017 at 04:50 PM

Hello Lawrence!

First of all, thanks for your answer!!!

Regarding your question, it is an existing document, because the posting flow that I am doing is:

1.- Invoice posting

In FQM_FLOW table is created Invoice line item, assigning the Liquidity item defined for customer account ¨BNK_1000_4300¨

2.- Bank statement upload

In FQM_FLOW table is created Real Bank Acct and In-transit Bank Acct line items, assigning the Liquidity item ¨BNK_1000_0000¨

3.- Clearing Invoice Manually Posting

In FQM_FLOW table is deleted the invoice and in-transit line items. Only Real Bank Acct is generated assigning Liquidity item ¨BNK_1000_0000¨

After 3rd step I have executed transaction: ¨FQM_UPD_LITEM - Rebuild Liquidity Items in Accounting Documents¨ and then transaction ¨FCLM_FLOW_BUILDER - Build Cash Flows from FI & MM¨ but no updates of Liquidity item for cleared invoices have been done in FQM_FLOW table

Also I have executed transaction: ¨FQM_UPD_FLOW_TYPE - Rebuild Flow Types in Accounting Documents¨ and nothing.

If I correctly understood it is supposed that after the clearing of the invoice against in-transit bank account, based in the query sequence created for origin ¨C¨ documents, the Liquidity item in FQM_FLOW table should be updated with the new derived liquidity item ¨Customer¨

As addittional doubt, How should be updated FQM_FLOW table, by adding a new Real Bank Account line item with the new Liquidity item derivation or by modifing the existing Real Bank Account line item?

Any clue?

Thanks in advance!!!!!!

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Luis Antonio Fernandez Villar Mar 20, 2017 at 03:19 AM

Hello Alejandra,

I have the same problem: I posted a chain of documents (bank statement - payment- invoice) but although I have executed transactions FQM_UPD_LITEM and FCLM_FLOW_BUILDER, the liquidity item remains as BANK.

Were you able to solve the problem?

Kind regards,


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Alejandra Guerrero Mar 23, 2017 at 10:02 AM

Hello Luis, unfortunately this issue is not solved :( .... If I find the configuration error, I will let you know. In case you discover first how to solve the problem, I appreciate you share it.

Best Regards!


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Danielle Medina Mar 23, 2017 at 01:28 PM

Hello Alejandra!

I had the same problem with version SAP S/4HANA 1503. To solve this we applied some SAP notes, but the derivation logic hasn't worked 100% yet. I still have some problems with withholding tax that aren't with the correct liquidity item, and also with some bank transfers which continues with no liquidty item.

Notes (and all pre-requisites):



If you find a solution, please share it with us!

Thank you,


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Leena Tervo May 15, 2017 at 07:29 AM

Hello everybody,

I've the same problem, version is 1610.

Have you find any solution for this?

Kind Regards,


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Adriana Boiero Dec 27, 2017 at 08:06 PM

Hi to everyone,

I would like to add some comments about the processes.

6.- Define Liquidity Item Derivation Settings for Company Codes.

In this point, if you need any custom logic, you have to copy and edit the function module, if not, you should leave empty the function module configuration in order to let the system determine the Liq.Itqm acording to the Query definition.

If you set the template function module, the Liq Item will not be derived. I saw the code of the Function module, and its prepare to define a first step logic.

7- FLQC13 is not available in 1610, it is not required to configure.

Also, if you create new Liquidity items, you should run the FCLM_FLOW_UTIL to regenerate the class. FQM_UPD_LITEM should only be run for initial upload, is not part of the daily process.

The system should define the liquidity item during the document creation (Also clearing). The flow builder should complete the process driving the complete flow of liquidity items.

I think the problem is in the point 6.

Hope this help.

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