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Dear experts,

we are implementing BADI_DYN_INCI_NOTIF_MULTIPLE to enhance the content of email notification for ICMon for idocs. We want to have same content of emails for idoc monitors as we had before BPMon was integrated to MAI.

The content of email should be enriched with details about idoc and the mail recipient should be also dynamically adapted.

In our BADI implementation class ZCL_DYN_INCI_NOTIF_MULTI method GET_NOTIF_CONF_FOR_ALERT an import parameter IO_ALERT_OBJECT is provided. This is an instance of class CL_ALERT_CONSM_OBJECT. The following code

call method io_alert_object->if_alert_consm_object~get_sub_objects
    rpt_child_objects = lt_alerts.
** get BPMON MAI BAdI adapter instance
  lo_adapter = cl_bpmon_mai_badi_adapter=>get_instance( ).
* do mapping Mai -> BPMon
      ipt_alerts = lt_alerts
      et_bpm_alerts = lt_bpm_alerts ).
    catch cx_bpmon_mai_badi_exception into lx_badi.
      ls_error = lx_badi->if_message~get_text( ).
      append ls_error to lt_error.

is used to obtain the sub objects into table LT_ALERTS. Afterwards the table does have one entry. This is then used to map MAI parameters to BPMON but the table that returns the parameters is empty. Without these parameters I cannot call the RFC in the monitored system. The RFC returns information about the specific IDOC that is in error 51 and this is the information that must be used to enhance the e-mail .

PROBLEM: No MAI parameters are matched to BPMON. The data I am looking for can be found in the following table type DSWP_BPM_T_ALERTS. A standard table exist DSWP_BPM_ALERTS exist but it contains no data. Looks like something is missing in the system.

How we should get detail about the IDOC in error status 51 from the backend SAP system if we cannot obtain the BPMON parameters?

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