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Jun 05, 2006 at 08:54 PM

Full Load with deletion selections in Data Mart



I have a DataMart INFOCUBE “A” to INFOCUBE “B”, Full loads must be diary. But the infocube “A” have snapshot, by the zvalid characteristic (AAAA.MM) Eg. 2006.06.

And the INFOCUBE “B” dosen’t have , it needs the last snapshot from INFOCUBE “A”.

I am using a delete selection (“deleted request from infocube after update”) from the infopackage with “infosources are the same ” checked, “Datasources are the same” checked, “Source Systems are the same” checked, and with the “selections are” same or more comprehensive, and I develop a abap routine in the data selection of the characteristic zvalid to create the year.month necessary for the extraction and i have other selection on 0project characteristic. But when beginning a new month, it do not delete the last request, it inserts the new one. ( even when the “selections are” overlapping).

Example that what I need:


In the infocube A.

0project| Zvalid | amount

PROJ1 |12.2005 | 300

PROJ1 |01.2006 |100

In the infocube B

0project |Zvalid | amounT

PROJ1|01.2006 |100


In the infocube A.

0project |Zvalid | amount

PROJ1|12.2005 | 300

PROJ1| 01.2006 | 100

PROJ1| 02.2006 | 200

In the infocube B

0project |Zvalid | amount

PROJ1 |02.2006 | 100

What is the correct combination in the “deleted request from infocube after update”?

I would appreciate yor help.


Victoria Leó